• New Additions

    • Beyond It All – Cyn
    • Big Beat – Orpheus
    • Drift – Nobody
    • Houche Les Glaouix – Med
    • Jerry’s Groov – Mirror
    • Melodic Spacelove – Stalker
    • Mission Impossible – Notman
    • Skipping Rope – Sixtus
    • This Time – Stressball
    • Titania – Fabian

    This time around, I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of decent tracks with little effort. As usual, discovered through the “random song” link on modarchive.org

  • New additions

    Added a few new tracks to the library.

    • Cy2ber Jangle2 – Xtant
    • Green Space Mutants – x-poole
    • Saturn 127 – Unknown
    • Supersonic – Hannu Ahokas

    Merry Christmas motherfuckers!

  • Rererere-migration is complete.

    The weekly datacenter migration is complete. We should be good for at least an hour and a half.

  • Ripoff?

    So making my rounds listening to random modules on modarchive.org, I found a track called Winter Freeze.

    It sounded really familiar, but I couldn’t place it, so I went digging into my local archive… turns out it sounds extremely similar to Autumn Depressions, just shortened and with some minor changes. Looking a bit further, it’s obvious that even the samples are the same, and in the same order. Setting the tempo of both tracks the same and playing them side-by-side (one in each ear) you can hear it’s almost identical, except for the piano. There’s no way one isn’t a ripoff of the other.

    I could maybe believe one being a remix of the other, but neither mentions the other in the texts in the file.

    According to the text inside Winter Freeze, it was written for a competition in 1999… whereas Autumn Depressions was uploaded to modarchive.org as far back as 1998. So I’m going with Autumn Depressions being the original.

    (Incidentally, looking up the page for the competition in question, I found at least one other person that recognized the similarity)

  • Moved, again again

    The weekly VM migration is now complete.

    Hopefully the listeners weren’t impacted. Especially considering that all two people that listen to this station were the ones performing the migration.

  • Fixes

    I remastered a couple of tracks that had some audio quality issues.

    The first was “A Woodsmith’s Fear” by Magnus Jansson. There was audible clicking throughout the song. Looking at the track in OpenMPT, I could see there was garbage at the start and end of most of the samples. It looks like they were imported improperly at the time the track was composed. The fix was simple: Select the garbage, hit delete, and consign it to oblivion.

    The second was “Spiral Minds” by Plastik. This track has some vocoded vocals around the midpoint of the song, which were audibly distorted. Once again, I took OpenMPT to the track. This time there were no obvious issues in the recorded samples themselves; the problem must be how the track was laid out.

    Upon further investigation, I discovered that when the samples were played in the song, they were duplicated over nine channels. That is: When the sample was played, it was played nine times, effectively amplifying it so much that it caused clipping.

    I tried removing the surplus copies of the sample, and discovered the reason the author had done it: The vocals were almost inaudible. Apparently there was too much going on with the rest of the song, so the vocals were just drowned out, and the additional copies were an attempt to compensate.

    The proper fix would have been to decrease the volume of everything else, but there doesn’t seem to be an automated way of doing that in OpenMPT. So I did a bit of a dirty hack: I rendered the music and vocals to separate tracks, then opened them in Audacity, and adjusted the volumes until they were a reasonable balance. The result: Good clear vocals audible over the music.

  • New Additions

    • Winter Walk – Protocol
    • The Fifth Dholak – Alexel
    • Pyra Musik Level 2 – m.bialas
    • Cool Rave Thing – WitchHunter

    It’s rather depressing how many random tracks I went through on modarchive.org just to get these few decent tracks.

  • Moved

    The Deliria Radio virtual machine has been moved to a new host. Hopefully none of the 2 people listening to this stream noticed any downtime.

  • Unscheduled Maintenance (I.E. The server crashed)

    The server crashed due to one of the other users misconfiguring their VM. Countermeasures have been put in place.

  • Semi-unplanned Maintenance

    Server was down for a bit while equipment was shuffled around the datacenter. It took a bit longer than expected but it appears to be working now, DNS propagation permitting.